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"Today is a day for celebration! Thanks to the wonderful employee benefits from Chegg Inc. I can officially say all my student loans are paid off! So grateful to work for a company that supports its employees with student loan repayment.

If you’re looking for an employer that offers the same type of advantages, I recommend Dwindle Student Debt. They are a phenomenal resource for finding employers who care about helping their employees!"

Vanessa K. Senior Admissions Representative and Trainer at Thinkful, a Chegg Service

"Wanted to share here with those who are working hard towards becoming debt free and who are passionate about change for the student loan debt crisis...


Still have 1 more larger loan to go, but if the interest rate continues to stay at 0%, with my payments actually going towards my principal, I could see myself nearly paying that one off within the next year or so!

Happy Feel Good Friday!"

Katelyn D. Consultant at SNHU

"I really appreciate the clear explanation that this page offers❤️"

@nia_nicole312, IG

"Took advantage of the interest freeze and paid off my federal loans last year! It was a great feeling. Now, I'm focused on my last private loan and doing my best to pay extra. I'm in the middle of deciding to either buy out my car lease or get a reliable used car, so I'm setting aside money for that in the meantime because I want to get rid of my car payment so I can put it towards the rest of my loans. SO if anyone has advice on used car buying - let me know 😁"

Jenna C. Education Consultant at EF

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